New guidelines for a more responsible resources sector

New guidelines for a more responsible resources sector

The Victorian Government is making changes to strengthen Victoria’s resources guidelines and set a high standard for mineral explorers and miners entrusted with access to the state’s mineral resources.

Victorian Minister for Resources Jaclyn Symes announced that a focus will be placed on minerals explorers and miners who can prove they are reputable, community-focused and set up appropriately for the duration of projects, including the full rehabilitation of sites around the state.

Now employing 120,000 people across Victoria, the state’s minerals exploration and mining sectors are growing steadily, and it is important to raise the bar on who can access state-owned minerals.

New assessment guidelines will make sure a company’s track record, and the records of its directors and executives, are examined when considering licensing decisions.

The new guidelines will provide greater assurance for farmers and communities that public safety, infrastructure and the environment will be protected when minerals explorers and miners work on both private and public land.

The changes will also benefit the sector by providing upfront and consistent information about how mining licence applications are assessed, making it easier for people with a good track record to apply.

These changes have been part of the process for assessing potential licensees for the Stavely Ground Release in western Victoria and will also be front and centre for the Lockington Ground Release in northern Victoria later in 2019. These programs are encouraging minerals exploration, the precursor to mining.

In 2018 the Victorian Government launched Victoria’s first Mineral Resources Strategy, State of Discovery.

Victoria’s wealth was built on gold mining, and the resources industry is continuing to prosper across the state, increasing opportunities for exploration and development in regional areas.

Demand for minerals like gold and copper is increasing as they are key components for technology and renewable energy products, with up to 12 times more copper being used than in traditional generation technologies.

These new guidelines deliver a key theme of the strategy – building a minerals sector that creates jobs, particularly in regional Victoria, and giving communities across the state confidence in the sector.

Source: Vic Government