New CFA uniforms supporting local Bendigo jobs

Victoria’s hardworking Country Fire Authority (CFA) will have a new locally produced uniform, proudly made in country Victoria.

Minister for Emergency Services Jaclyn Symes visited CFA’s new workwear contractor Australian Defence Apparel’s (ADA) warehouse in Bendigo to meet workers and thank CFA members for their service to the community.

The new contract supports 15 jobs in the Bendigo region creating the uniforms. The contracts will also support local suppliers and manufacturers around the state.

ADA will supply the CFA’s main uniforms, while Goulburn Valley E&M will supply belts and buckles, Harcor Security Seals will provide caps and wide-brim hats, and Stewart & Heaton will supply epaulettes and patches.

The Victorian Government has invested $3 million through the Volunteer Support Package, and an extra $6 million through the CFA Capability Funding Package into the project, which will see the creation of 30,000 workwear sets – enough to fit out up to 25 members from every brigade across the state in the first allocation.

More than 90,000 CFA uniforms will be produced at ADA – including shirts, trousers, shorts and jackets – using more than 180,000 metres of Australia-made fabric with the CFA logo and a distinctive ‘Patriot Blue’ colour.

For the first time, uniforms will be available in a tailored womens fit instead of just smaller mens sizes – allowing members to choose workwear that they feel most comfortable in. Skirts will also be included in the ceremonial uniform range.

CFA members have played a crucial role in the final workwear designs, with more than 3,000 volunteers providing feedback during a consultation process. Volunteers will also be given the opportunity to choose their garments.

The uniforms will be worn when CFA members are not required to wear Personal Protective Clothing, such as when attending brigade activities, training, incident management, community activities and fundraising.

The rollout of the new uniforms will start early next year and will take place over the course of eight months.

Source: Vic Government