New CCTV cameras a good look for Lismore and Nimbin

Lismore City Council is currently installing new CCTV cameras in Lismore and Nimbin as part of two projects to increase safety in both locations.

The Lismore CBD CCTV renewal was funded by a $433,000 federal government grant and includes replacement of the 1998 analog system with 56 new digital cameras to provide maximum surveillance throughout the CBD. This system is now live.

Council also received a $250,000 NSW Community Safety Fund grant for expansion of the Lismore CBD CCTV network and renewal of the Nimbin CCTV system.

The Lismore expansion includes new camera locations at the intersections of Woodlark and Dawson, Brewster and Uralba, and Brewster and Leycester streets. Each location will have one pan-tilt zoom camera and three fixed cameras, providing 24/7 monitoring similar to the rest of the CBD.

“The end result is a system that can be monitored through one control room,” Council’s Compliance Coordinator Matt Kelly said.

The Nimbin CCTV renewal includes upgrading the five existing cameras as well as the addition of two new locations (in the Western Carpark and on Cullen Street opposite the community centre). Each location will have one pan-tilt zoom camera and one fixed camera providing 24/7 monitoring.

The Nimbin system is a stand-alone system that can be viewed remotely from the Nimbin Police Station, Lismore Police Station or the Lismore CCTV control room.

“In Lismore we will have excellent coverage throughout the CBD and down one of our main thoroughfares leaving the city centre, while in Nimbin we have significantly increased coverage along the main street,” Matt explained.

“In both cases, the old fixed cameras had blind spots whereas this technology is much more sophisticated and allows for 360-degree coverage as well as very high resolution imagery.

“CCTV renewals were identified as a key safety action in Council’s Crime Prevention Plan so it’s great to see these upgrades come to fruition. Lismore is a regional city and Nimbin is a major tourist attraction so it’s really important to have effective and modern safety measures in place.”

Source: Lismore City Council