New campgrounds and walk trails for Turquoise Coast

Western Australians can now enjoy new campgrounds in the heart of wildflower country along the State’s stunning Turquoise Coast.

Managed by the Parks and Wildlife Service at the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions, the new facilities will help meet the growing demand for nature-based tourism in the region.

Karda Campground is located 20km east of Jurien Bay adjacent to Lesueur National Park and includes 31 campsites suitable for all types of camping accommodation. Each campsite has a picnic table and firepit, and there is a toilet at each of the two camping areas.

Wanagarren Campground is situated alongside the pristine waters of Jurien Bay Marine Park between Wedge and Grey reserves. There are 15 campsites for standard, rooftop and awning tents and it is suitable for campers who are completely self-sufficient.

A new walk trail in Lesueur National Park is under construction and will be around 27km in length when complete later this year (2020). The trail takes hikers through hills, valleys and woodlands and will have a new walk-in campsite approximately half-way. Yonga campsite will only be accessible by foot and contains a shelter, three camp platforms and a toilet.

For more information and to book the Karda and Wanagarren campgrounds online, visit

Source: WA Government