Nearly 7,000 Mallee residents get help at the Orange Door

More than 6,750 people across the Mallee have been kept safe from the threat of family violence with help from the Mildura Orange Door, one of the Support and Safety Hubs rolled out by the Victorian Government.

A key recommendation of the landmark Royal Commission into Family Violence, the Orange Door gives Victorian women and children access to support services in one secure facility when they are experiencing family violence.

Seventeen Orange Doors are being built across Victoria – Mildura is one of five already operating, with 12 more on the way.

The Mildura hub opened in May last year and has been operating for more than 16 months.

The Orange Door brings together specialist workers from family violence, child and family and Aboriginal services, as well as services aimed at perpetrators and legal and accommodation advice. The model is designed to make it easier for people to seek help and support earlier, with clearly visible locations close to public transport.

An Orange Door Access Point – a regional office – was opened in Swan Hill in late May 2019, to ensure The Orange Door is accessible to people across the whole the Mallee region.

Women, children and young people experiencing family violence or families who need assistance with the care of children can access services in Swan Hill in the same way they would at The Orange Door in Mildura.

Other Orange Doors are operating in Heidelberg, Geelong, Frankston and Morwell. The Victorian Government is getting on with the job of building Orange Doors, with 12 more to be up and running by 2022.

The Orange Door services are funded by a $448 million investment by the Victorian Government as part of our record $2.9 billion efforts to address family violence.

More than half of the Royal Commission’s 227 recommendations have now been implemented.

The Mildura Orange Door is a free service, open Monday to Friday from 9-5 and contactable on 1800 290 943 or

Source: Vic Government