Native revegetation to protect groundwater and create new home for endangered Carnaby’s cockatoo

Water Minister Dave Kelly and Environment Minister Stephen Dawson have announced that areas of a former pine plantation in Perth’s north will be rehabilitated as habitat for the endangered Carnaby’s cockatoo under a partnership between the Water Corporation and the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA).

In order to protect vital groundwater resources, more than 5,600 native seedlings are being planted across a 28-hectare site in Pinjar that was previously a pine plantation.

In addition to promoting and protecting recharge to the Gnangara Groundwater System, which provides about 40 per cent of Perth’s drinking water to the metropolitan area, the native vegetation will also provide valuable habitat for native wildlife.

This project is contributing toward a wider DBCA program that will utilise opportunities to create and manage habitat for native wildlife, including foraging and roosting habitat for the endangered Carnaby’s cockatoo, in the former pine plantation and bushland areas of Gnangara State forest.

The partnership also helps meet the Water Corporation’s no-net-clearing commitment, which offsets required land clearing with hectare-for-hectare revegetation. This aligns with the WA Government’s ‘liveable environment’ priorities by increasing conservation for future generations and creating a cleaner, more sustainable environment.

Source: WA Government