Nana Glen feeding project for bushfire impacted animals lands boost from Landcare Australia Recovery Grants

Nana Glen feeding project for bushfire impacted animals lands boost from Landcare Australia Recovery Grants

A conservation group giving bushfire impacted animals a second chance at life has successfully landed funding from Landcare Australia’s $300,000 Recovery Grants.

Thirty minutes west of Coff’s Harbour, dedicated local volunteers from Nana Glen Landcare will use the financial boost to supplement food projects for fauna affected by the Liberation Trail fire in November 2019.

The cost and ongoing nature of the feeding means funding is required to continue while substantial habitat loss means nest boxes are also desirable.

“The proposal is to install 40 nest boxes of various types across 172 hectares of fire-impacted private and public land (sourced from, and to provide supplementary food for wildlife at 10 sites across the same properties until natural food resources return,” explained Adam Rees, President of Nana Glen Landcare

The project will assist native species of Nana Glen including goannas, eastern grey kangaroos, pretty faced wallabies, land mullets, water dragons, bearded dragons, sea eagles and Wonga pigeons. Nest boxes will benefit birds like cockatoos, small parrots, brushtail and ringtail possums, bats, kingfishers, kookaburras and the Powerful Owl.

Adam added: “An ecologist will also be engaged to survey the sites to ensure best placement of nest boxes and to guide monitoring while each feeding site and some nest boxes will have wildlife cameras placed to monitor activity. All this comes at a cost which is why we’re delighted with the boost from the Landcare Australia Bushfire Recovery Grants.”

Made possible due to the extraordinary volume of donations from generous organisations and private donors, the Landcare Australia Bushfire Recovery Grants will support 23 wide-ranging regeneration projects focusing on activities including impacted rainforest revegetation, nest boxes for decimated native species and feeding programs for endangered wildlife.

Key issues for all the grant recipients include restoring essential wildlife habitat, management of invasive weeds, erosion control and protection of our waterways and aquatic habitat.

The funding came from generous donations during the bushfires from across the country and around the world, including Landcare Australia partners Brambles CHEP, Bushman’s Tanks, Bloom Aid and Hawkes Brewing.

Source: Landcare Australia