More Native Trees For Wadawurrung Country

The Wadawurrung Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation will grow thousands of native trees to be planted on Country as part of the Victorian Government’s More Trees for a Cooler, Greener West initiative.

Residents in Melbourne’s west can look forward to greener streets, schools, parks and trails with thousands of advanced trees and saplings being planted across six local council areas.

The Corporation will grow 5,000 native tube stock to be planted on Wadawurrung Country in Melbourne’s west as early as autumn 2022.

The $19,000 contract will enable Wadawurrung to expand its blossoming nursery business to grow more native trees on Country.

The More Trees for a Cooler, Greener West initiative is a $5 million investment to plant both mature and young trees across Melbourne’s west providing more shade and green spaces, driving down pollution, improving air quality and helping tackle climate change.

The first phase of the initiative saw trees planted in spring this year, with more planting to begin in autumn 2022.

The trees will bolster Victoria’s efforts to tackle climate change, helping meet our ambitious target to halve emissions by 2030 as we work towards reaching net-zero emissions by 2050.

Phase 2 of the program will include planting tens of thousands of trees in 2022.

Source: Vic Government