Lismore City Council launches Flood Fund

Lismore City Council has set up a Flood Fund for public donations to help with disaster recovery and community support.

Lismore City Mayor Steve Krieg is encouraging people to make donations to help the Lismore community which has just experienced the worst flood in the city’s history.

“This flood has devastated our city. It is a 1-in-500-year flood event and has led to many hundreds, if not thousands, of people being evacuated with little more than the clothes on their back,” he said.

“It will only be when flood waters start to fall in a few days and people and businesses can return to their homes and CBD that we will discover the extent of the damage.

“One thing for certain is that the road to recovery is going to be very slow and painful.

“Council has set up this fund to help those in most need. I have been overwhelmed already with the generosity of our community and how they have shown up with food and clothing donations for the carload those in our Evacuation Centre.

“This fund will help the City in the next stage of recovery.”

Source: Lismore City Council