Liquor reform introduced

Parliament continues in the Northern Territory, with the introduction of the Liquor Bill 2019.

The Bill is a complete rewrite of the Liquor Act 1978, and achieves 70 recommendations of the 2017 Alcohol Policies and Legislation Review Final Report (the Riley Review).

The Bill provides a robust regulatory framework through its primary purpose of harm minimisation.

The Bill modernises the way the Territory deals with alcohol and is designed to meet community expectations and industry needs, give regulatory bodies certainty and creates long-term benefits for Territorians.

Extensive consultation has been held with industry and stakeholders, including on the exposure draft bill, across the Territory in April 2019, with over 20 formal submissions received.

The public will have a further opportunity to comment on the Bill as it goes through the Scrutiny Committee process.

Other Bills for introduction during sittings are:

  • The Hemp Industry Bill 2019
  • The Environment Protection Bill 2019
  • The Construction Contracts (Security of Payments) Legislation Amendment Bill 2019
  • The Education and Care Services (National Uniform Legislation) Amendment Bill 2019

Parliament is set to debate the Water Amendment Bill 2019. The Bill includes reforms needed to implement recommendations from the Pepper Inquiry, which will go towards allowing a well-regulated hydraulic fracturing industry to develop.

Parliament will also debate the Motor Vehicles (Compensation) Amendment Bill 2019. The purpose of this Bill is to ensure anybody who is working and injured in a motor vehicle accident (regardless of their age) is eligible to receive LOEC (loss of earning capacity) benefits, subject to a two-year time limit for those who have reached or exceed pension age.

The Medical Services Amendment Bill 2018 is also set for debate.

Source: NT Government