Laws to crack down on sneaky, dangerous tobacco ads

The Victorian Government is cracking down on tobacco advertising and tightening up Victoria’s tough laws.

The changes come after the Victorian Government intervened to ensure overseas-based Formula 1 teams would not display tobacco advertising on their cars and uniforms at the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix.

Legislation introduced into Parliament will make it impossible for tobacco companies to circumvent the laws when they try to introduce new forms of advertising and sponsorship, especially in sport.

The legislation will extend the definition of tobacco or e-cigarette advertising to include words or designs closely associated with a tobacco manufacturer.

It’s all about cracking down on the clever ways big tobacco tries to wriggle around the rules by identifying new and indirect ways of marketing their dangerous and deadly products, and making sure our greatest sporting spectacles aren’t used as vehicles to peddle smoking.

The legislation will also repeal a rarely-used exemption for tobacco advertising at certain events, making it a non-negotiable that tobacco advertising is banned for good.

Smoking remains the leading cause of preventable chronic disease and death, with about 4,000 lives lost each year in Victoria due to smoking. Smoking costs $3.8 billion in healthcare costs and lost productivity each year.

Source: Vic Government