KUHN Expo to showcase the best in farm machinery innovation

KUHN Expo to showcase the best in farm machinery innovation

On the back of a successful expo in Cowra, NSW in 2017, KUHN Farm Machinery are set to welcome customers and dealers to the KUHN Expo in Naracoorte, S.A. on Thursday, 5 March 2020.

This is the first year KUHN has chosen to stage their expo in South Australia. It is a unique opportunity for customers and dealers to meet industry experts, international KUHN factory representatives and see firsthand the remarkable range of KUHN farm machinery.

Attendees will see impressive live demonstrations, machinery displays, product workshops and presentations on over 30 of KUHN’s cutting-edge hay and silage, tillage, spraying, spreading and feed mixing machines. Also, all KUHN Expo attendees will be able to purchase machines in a silent auction and have exclusive access to special finance offers through their preferred dealers.

One of the live demonstrations will be of the long-awaited KUHN SB 1290 iD large square baler. Designed for extreme high-density baling in the most challenging Australian conditions, the SB 1290 iD model produces square bales with up to 25% higher bale density than conventional 120 x 90 balers. At the centre of this is the KUHN patented TWINPACT double plunger system that ensures intelligent, efficient bale compaction whilst avoiding high peak loads on the machine. KUHN Australia Marketing Manager and Baler Product Specialist, Michael Murer explains, “The KUHN SB 1290 iD is designed with simple, efficient techniques like integral rotor and power density that produce rock-hard, perfectly shaped bales”.

KUHN are also pleased to showcase the newly presented OPTIMER L12000 disc cultivator for the first time in Australia. ‘’The OPTIMER L12000 is wider, stronger and faster and meets the requirements of large-scale farmers looking for high work output, optimal comfort and a perfect ground tracking system without compromising work quality,’’ said Michael.

In addition to live demonstrations of the SB 1290 iD and OPTIMER L12000, attendees can also look forward to presentations of some of KUHN’s other machines, including the following:

  • KUHN’s recently released Auto Spray System used for precise chemical application;
  • The Euromix 4570 which is KUHN’s vertical triple auger mixer;
  • The Merge Maxx 950 will demonstrate how it is an adaptable, adjustable clean raking solution to create regular windrows;
  • The Axent 100.1 is KUHN’s high precision spreader for granular and powdered products; and
  • The GA 13131 (which is a smaller model of the GA 15131 which was awarded the Raking World Record in 2019).

Notably, all hay bales made during the live demonstrations at the KUHN Expo will be sold at market price and all proceeds will be donated by KUHN to a rural charity.

Source: KUHN Farm Machinery