Kids come together for World Environment Day

Kids come together for World Environment Day

Around 250 students from six primary schools will take part in World Environment Day activities at the Lismore Recycling and Recovery Centre and Rainforest Botanical Gardens on Thursday 6 June 2019.

The students will have the chance to find out about a range of issues including reducing waste, saving water, threatened species in our region, caring for koalas and the importance of scientific knowledge. There will be hands-on activities and walks across the site exploring the questions:

  • What happens to the waste we create?
  • Where does plastic go?
  • Why do we need to save water? Take the 160 Challenge.
  • How can I help to wipe out waste?
  • What is a weed and why worry?
  • What are our local native plants and butterflies?
  • Why are some plants and animals threatened with extinction? What can we do to help biodiversity?
  • Why do we need to watch for Koalas?
  • What are some of the organisms we can’t see with our eyes? What can they make with our organic waste?

Lismore Council’s Waste Education Officer Barbara Jensen said World Environment Day was a great opportunity to engage young people through fun activities about understanding and caring for our environment.

“Young people really love to absorb environmental information and often feel passionate about recycling, saving water, caring for local wildlife and renewable energy,” she said.

“They are the best advocates for changing old habits, and they take learnings back into the home, often teaching and encouraging their parents to become better recyclers and think about energy and waste usage.”

Barbara said the Wyrallah Road facilities provide a great space to show kids how waste streams are sorted at the Materials Recovery Facility and also to experience the diversity of plants in the Rainforest Botanical Gardens.

The day is run by Lismore City Council in association with Dorroughby Environment Centre, Rous County Council, North East Waste, Friends of Koalas, Envite Environment, Friends of Lismore Rainforest Botanical Gardens and SCU Environmental Analysis Laboratory.

Source: Lismore City Council