Investment into arts and culture supports regional growth

The new Regional Arts and Culture Investment Program will deliver almost $20 million in funding to regional Western Australia, including Kalgoorlie, over the next four years.

This investment will build on the WA Government’s ‘Our Priorities: Sharing Prosperity’ program by strengthening economies, creating jobs and nurturing prosperity in the regions.

The program will increase the capacity for the regions to engage with arts and culture, improving the social cohesion, liveability and vibrancy of local communities.

The Regional Arts and Culture Investment Program will be delivered through three streams: A State of Creativity, Strengthening Aboriginal Arts, and Empowered and Employed Communities.

A State of Creativity will help to activate regional performing arts venues, by improving their ability to present and tour performances, and support training and business development.

Strengthening Aboriginal Arts will support the sustainability of WA’s valued Aboriginal Arts Centres and provide opportunities for Aboriginal artists to share their stories through new work.

Empowered and Employed Communities will help to align creative programs in local government planning and support activities that increase social inclusion, accessibility and employment opportunities in local communities. This stream also includes a fund to grow cultural tourism through regional festivals.

The Regional Arts and Culture Investment Program complements the WA Government’s $8 million Regional Exhibition Touring Boost election commitment for the visual arts and $750,000 to support the attraction of visitors to regional museums and collections.

The program will be delivered by the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries, with funding from the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development.

Source: WA Government