Install firebreaks now to protect yourself and neighbours

With more than a thousand warnings now issued, Bushfires NT is urging Top End rural landholders to install firebreaks or risk becoming a statistic.

Bushfires NT executive director, Collene Bremner, said firebreaks play a pivotal role in helping volunteer firefighters save properties from the devastating impact of fire each and every year.

“This year’s (2019) Top End fire season is predicted to be longer than normal and residents who have not prepared their firebreaks need to act urgently,” Ms Bremner said.

“We have already issued more than 1000 warnings to landholders in Darwin’s rural area to install their firebreaks and property inspections will continue during the next few months.

“This is a very disappointing result when people know that firebreaks play an important role in helping to save lives, property and the environment.

“Firebreaks allow our amazing volunteers to safely access properties that might be impacted by fire and could be the difference between a positive or negative outcome for landholders.

“Warnings will also be issued to 85 landholders in the Katherine region over coming days with follow up inspections also planned.

“It is a requirement that all properties have a firebreak no less than four metres wide around the perimeter and around any permanent infrastructure.

“Anyone failing to contact the Bushfires NT manager of compliance within 72 hours of receiving a warning could be served a Firebreak Notice.

“Failure to comply with the Notice could result in a fine of up to $15,500 plus costs recovered if Bushfires NT end up having a firebreak installed.”

Anyone wanting more information about firebreaks and compliance can go to or call 89220844.

Source: NT Government