Infrastructure investment a highlight of WA budget

Infrastructure investment a highlight of WA budget

The Australian Industry Group WA congratulates the State Government on the work it has done to assist in returning the WA budget to surplus.

Ai Group State Manager Kristian Stratton said: “This budget highlights the State’s improving financial position which will continue to provide a platform for economic growth and jobs in the State.

“The budget highlights the importance of efficient infrastructure development to WA’s long-term economic performance through its commitment to lifting infrastructure investment in WA.

“The provision of $23 billion in capital expenditure over the four years to 2022-23 directed at new and existing projects spread across manufacturing, rail and roads has the potential to contribute greatly to both job creation and boosting productivity. A key challenge will be ensuring that these infrastructure projects are delivered as part of a consistent pipeline of construction activity with project delivery strongly focussed on local capacity, capability, skills and supply chains.

“The employer incentive scheme for taking on apprentices is a much-needed and welcome initiative given the skill shortages many businesses are facing in WA. Employers prefer training their own staff rather than bringing in expensive labour from overseas and this will help grow the pool of skilled workers in the State,” Mr Stratton said.

Source: Ai Group