Improving infrastructure at Stawell Racing Club

Stawell Racing Club will undergo major sewerage works to connect the club’s septic system to the rest of the town, thanks to a joint funding package worth nearly $160,000.

The Victorian Government will provide more than $76,600 from its Victorian Racing Industry Fund towards the upgrades.

Currently, the Stawell racecourse is serviced by multiple septic systems and is not connected to the Stawell community sewerage system, leading to major issues in their waste management.

The Town Sewerage Connection Project will connect the track’s sewerage system to the town’s sewerage system, allowing the club to cater for more visitors and better handle rain, storms and other forms of inclement weather.

The completed works will provide better facilities for all participants at Stawell racecourse, improve the customer experience and encourage greater attendances.

Stawell Racing Club is providing more than $82,500 towards the important infrastructure upgrades.

Since 2014, the Victorian Government has approved over $288,000 to support eight infrastructure projects and two raceday events for the Stawell Racing Club.

The racing industry in the North West region generates $109.8 million for the Victorian economy and helps sustain more than 920 full time equivalent jobs in the region.

Source: Vic Government