How commuters can help prevent COVID-19 spread

How commuters can help prevent COVID-19 spread

Commuters are being urged to plan ahead and consider travelling outside peak hour where possible, in an effort to help authorities curb any spread of COVID-19.

NSW Minister for Transport Andrew Constance said off-peak travel is one of many actions commuters can take to reduce the possibility of person-to-person virus transmission.

“While staff have boosted maintenance and cleaning efforts on the network in response to COVID-19, customers need to take extra precautions too,” Mr Constance said.

“First and foremost we ask you to please stay home and avoid travel altogether if you are unwell. You cannot pass on COVID-19 or any virus, if you are self-isolated at home.

“Sick people in close proximity to others is causing to the global spread of the virus, so travelling outside of crowded peak hours can help reduce the chances of transmission.”

Transport for NSW is working closely with NSW Health and other Government agencies, as well as external operators statewide to ensure the safety of customers.

Cleaning squads have been deployed across trains, buses, ferries, light rail and the metro, particularly in high-traffic areas including Central, Town Hall and Wynard.

Transport for NSW is encouraging customers to use Opal and contactless payments where possible, to further reduce chances of community spread and safeguard staff.

“For those services that do not offer contactless payment, we are advising all frontline staff to wash their hands and use hand sanitizer to limit the spread of viruses, Mr Constance said.

“Practicing good hand hygiene is crucial for staff and customers, particularly after coming in contact with handles, rails, buttons and windows, which people need to use.”

Measures that Transport for NSW has implemented to help limit the spread of COVID-19 include:

  • Stringent cleaning regimes
  • Increased public health messaging at stations and Transport offices
  • Logistics planning around the provision of hand sanitiser across the network
  • Set up of a dedicated COVID-19 incidents and scenarios Taskforce
  • Staff to validate tickets without contact via Opal and contactless card payment

Transport for NSW is also continuing to provide support for the extensive freight network as it addresses the COVID-19 challenges ahead.

Transport for NSW would like to thank our customers and staff across NSW for their ongoing support during this time.

Source: NSW Government