Historic 'land swap' between Council & Dubbo RSL Club

Dubbo Regional Council (DRC) and Dubbo RSL Club have agreed to enter into a ‘land swap’ arrangement that will see an area close to Dubbo’s CBD potentially revitalised, and vacant land in one of Dubbo’s fastest growing areas set aside for a major community redevelopment.

Both Council and the Dubbo RSL Club have agreed to a land exchange that will see DRC acquire the former Dubbo City Bowling Club site, while the RSL would acquire a 3.3 ha parcel of Council owned undeveloped land at Keswick Estate, adjoining — the soon to be constructed section of — Boundary Road.

“It’s both an historic and significant community development move to enter into this commercial arrangement,” said the Mayor of the Dubbo Region, Councillor Ben Shields.

“We’re very delighted with this opportunity and agreement signed today between Council and the Dubbo RSL Club,” said President of Dubbo RSL Club, Mr Jeff Caldbeck. “The RSL’s vision for a Keswick development would not only include a new licenced club, the first in that estate, it would also include a sporting oval suitable for cricket matches as well as other sporting facilities on the site.”

The land exchange details are:

Keswick Estate, Dubbo – Part Lot 339 DP 1241303

Area: 3.3 ha | Zoning: R2 low density residential

Dubbo City Bowling Club – Lot 415 DP 754308

Area: 9,706 m2 | Zoning: RE2 Private Recreation

Council would be purchasing the former Dubbo City Bowling Club with vacant possession.

“The existing Dubbo City Bowling Club site provides Council the opportunity to really enhance and develop that area of the Victoria Park precinct in the future,” said Councillor Shields. “One key vision Council has for the area is to develop and establish additional services for residents and visitors to Dubbo, this site would be ideal due to its proximity to accommodation, open spaces and the vibrancy of the CBD.”

“As our city continues to grow, so too the need for additional services and facilities that add further appeal to why the City of Dubbo is such a great place to live. A new and rapidly expanding residential estate, close to a major shopping centre, could soon be serviced by a brand new club and additional sporting and recreational facilities.”

“Our CBD and Council owned and operated facilities can further grow to meet and accommodate the needs and interests of a very active and dynamic community,” said Councillor Shields.

Source: DRC