Have a say on address locality boundaries

The NSW Geographical Names Board (GNB) is seeking public comment on a proposal to change existing address locality boundaries within the Warrumbungle Local Government Area.

Council’s proposal is to amend the address locality boundaries of Coonabarabran, Purlewaugh and Ulamambri.

The amendments will result in a portion of Dandry being absorbed into Coonabarabran while Tannabar, Wattle Springs, Napier Lane and Box Ridge will no longer be address localities (suburbs).

To preserve the history of these names, information associated with these places would be retained in the Geographical Names Register as a ‘rural place’, rather than as an address locality.

The proposal aims to improve rural addressing and endeavours to reflect what residents associate with.

Chair of the Geographical Names Board Narelle Underwood said that clear, consistent and unambiguous addresses are important for service delivery and public safety.

“An important element of determining new suburb boundaries is giving residents the opportunity to have a say,” Mrs Underwood said.

“It is important that place names reflect the character and history of the local area and community.”

“The board is encouraging community comment before it considers adopting the proposal.”

Details of the proposals, including map GNB 5396-4-A showing the proposed address locality amendments, can be viewed and submissions lodged on the Geographical Names Board’s website at https://www.gnb.nsw.gov.au/

Alternatively, email submissions can be sent to ss-gnb@customerservice.nsw.gov.au or written submissions may be lodged with the Secretary Geographical Names Board, 346 Panorama Avenue Bathurst NSW 2795.

The closing date for submissions is 21 June 2020.

Source: NSW Geographical Names Board