Grants prepare Rockhampton for cyclone season

The QLD Government has delivered almost 130 grants to families in Rockhampton to better prepare them for cyclone season.

QLD Minister for Housing and Public Works Mick de Brenni visited a Rockhampton home to take a look at roof upgrades delivered to Rockhampton homeowner Glenys James through the Household Resilience Program.

“The Palszczuk Government is committed to helping build disaster resilience to strengthen local communities,” Mr de Brenni said.

“Through our signature Household Resilience Program, we are offering grants to support people living in cyclone-prone areas to better protect their homes.

“Coming here today to Frenchville, is all about making sure that that the support we’re delivering to locals like Glenys, is hitting the mark.

Member for Keppel, Brittany Lauga MP said a key element of the program was about engaging local tradies to do the work.

“My local colleague Barry and I are really pleased that 97 per cent of the works are going to local tradies, like Rocky based Alline Roofing Systems.”

Mrs Lauga said grants of up to $11,250 for upgrades and repairs had been made to 129 homeowners in the Rockhampton region.

“Cyclone damage can be very costly but cyclone protection can come with a hefty price tag too,” she said.

“In Rockhampton, homeowners have said they would not have been able to afford the necessary upgrades without the support of the Queensland Government.”

Mr O’Rourke said the program also allowed families to save money on insurance premiums.

“Across Rockhampton, 97% of grant recipients hired local contractors to carry out works, with households subsequently being given an average cut of 9.3% on insurance costs because their properties are now better protected against cyclone damage,” he said.

“With cyclone season getting under way in November it’s great to know that so many Rockhampton households will be better protected against the elements.”

Frenchville resident Glenys James said she was delighted with the new roof on her home.

“After Cyclone Marcia, we started to get a few leaks in our roof – so we would always be anxious when a storm started rolling in,” Mrs James said.

“We were excited when we heard about the Household Resilience Program and the process has been so simple.

“Everyone involved in the program has been very helpful along the way and we are relieved to be better prepared for the next cyclone season.”

Minister for Housing and Public Works Mick de Brenni said the Palaszczuk Government had already awarded more than $16.9 million in grants to ensure 156 Central Queensland properties were better able to withstand cyclones.

“Whether its roof upgrades, doors or windows, the Queensland Government has covered up to 75% of the costs for improvements, so that next storm season more homes will be protected,” Mr de Brenni said.

To be eligible for the Housing Resilience Program, homes must be in a recognised cyclone risk area (in the area from Bundaberg to the Queensland/Northern Territory border within 50km of the coast). Applicants must own or be the mortgagor of a house built before 1984, live in the home and meet the income eligibility requirements.

This program is now closed for applications, and will undergo an evaluation to measure its impacts.

Source: QLD Government