Goulburn regional hockey facility sod turning

Goulburn regional hockey facility sod turning

Council is delighted to have secured the future of Hockey in this region.

Special thanks is given to Mrs Wendy Tuckerman MP and the State Government for providing Council with a grant via the Restart NSW Fund for a total of $3,872,000. The project total cost is $7,081,000 with $3,009,000 being contributed by Goulburn Mulwaree Council and $200,000 being contributed Goulburn District Hockey Association.

Council will be developing a new water based field which will be developed to world class standard. New lights will be installed as well as an upgrade and expanded amenities. The new amenities will cater for women athletes which has certainly been a demand for many years.

The total upgraded facility will now make Goulburn one of the most sought after venues for Hockey in NSW.

Mayor Bob Kirk stated “That Council has been delighted to work closely with Member for Goulburn Mrs Wendy Tuckerman MP, the State Government and Goulburn District Hockey Association to make this Hockey Venue happen.”

Mayor Bob Kirk went on to say, “The Goulburn Region Hockey community, including Crookwell, deserve these high class facilities, and once we have completed the upgrade we will look forward to welcoming some of the best teams in Australia here to Goulburn. Couple this with the great indoor venue at the Veolia Arena –

Goulburn will be renowned for hosting national hockey events at these great facilities”.

Member for Goulburn Wendy Tuckerman said the funding will bring the current facility up to State and National hockey championship standard.

“I look forward to seeing the construction of a national level water based field, installation of new field lighting, men’s and women’s player change rooms and improved player and public amenities.”

“The region has a proud and rich history of professional and social participation in the sport, and this investment will allow players to develop and the participation to grow.

The achievement of Goulburn District Hockey Club and Goulburn Mulwaree Council is to be congratulated and I only wish the very best for the future of Goulburn Hockey.”

Source: Goulburn Mulwaree Council