Giving Victorians a voice at the Mental Health Royal Commission

Victorians will have a chance to share their lived experiences and be a part of a once-in-a-generation reform of our mental health system.

The landmark Royal Commission into Mental Health took a major step forward, unveiling an online portal for all Victorians to share their experiences and tell the Commissioners what matters to them.

Too often, our mental health system fails people. The Royal Commission will help us understand the shortcomings in the current system and provide practical recommendations so Victorians can get the services they need.

The new Royal Commission portal allows people to share their views through a written submission, an audio submission or a video recording. Submissions can be short, or more formal, longer pieces.

The Mental Health Royal Commission has already held community consultation sessions in Whittlesea, Pakenham, Warrnambool, Hamilton and Geelong, and will hold many more over the coming weeks.

The Victorian Government appointed public policy expert Penny Armytage as Chair of the Royal Commission. Ms Armytage is joined by Associate Professor Alex Cockram, Professor Allan Fels AO and Professor Bernadette McSherry.

The Victorian Government will accept the Royal Commission’s recommendations.

Source: Vic Government