Geraldton Doppler radar upgrade complete

Western Australia’s agricultural region is almost entirely covered by Doppler radar coverage, following completion of the upgrade of Geraldton’s weather radar to Doppler standard.

The $2.3 million new generation Geraldton Doppler radar came online, providing real time rainfall intensity, wind speed and direction information, updated every six minutes over an increased radius of 150 kilometres.

The State funded the upgrade of the Bureau of Meteorology’s (BoM) Geraldton and Albany radars to Doppler capability earlier in 2019, as well as installations of new Doppler radars at South Doodlakine, Newdegate and Watheroo in recent years.

Together with the State’s network of 176 automated weather stations, the Bureau’s network of 80 and the Doppler radar information, agribusinesses are able to make more informed, data-driven decisions that reduce risk and increase business profitability.

When BoM completes its planned upgrade of its Esperance facility to Doppler capability in 2020, WA will have the best weather service in the country.

An independent analysis of the State’s Doppler radar investment shows a $3.4 million year-on-year benefit generated by reduced input costs and grains and livestock losses.

The Doppler radar images and further weather information is available from the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development or the Bureau of Meteorology’s websites.

Source: WA Government