Further transition assistance available to country taxi operators

Country taxi operators can now apply for further assistance as part of a new $3.4 million Regional Taxi Transition Support Package.

Unfortunately, country taxis exist under separate legislation and operate on an annual licence system and are ineligible for the taxi-plate buyback for privately owned plates. Those who lease plates from the State Government, approximately half of the taxi fleet in the metropolitan area, are similarly ineligible.

As part of the package, support is available to eligible regional taxi licence holders to assist them with the transition to meet requirements set out under new passenger transport reforms.

Under the package, the following assistance can be applied for:

  • Payment of $10,000 per taxi-car licence to existing regional taxi operators, capped at 10 licences or $100,000 per licence holder;
  • Waiving the on-demand booking service authorisation fee for existing regional operators for an additional three years above the existing one-year waiver for all operators; and
  • Waiving the passenger transport vehicle authorisation fee for existing regional operators for three years.

Country taxi operators are also exempt from paying the on-demand passenger transport levy, and have been provided access to grants of $500 per current licence as a contribution towards the purchase and installation of in-car security cameras.

The additional transition assistance will better assist existing operators to take advantage of the benefits of the reforms, with the legislation ending restrictions that have prevented taxis from expanding their services, or matching peak demand.

All eligible country taxi plate licensees will be contacted and provided information about the package.

Source: WA Government