Funding delivered to Charters Towers for sustainable flying fox management plan

Funding delivered to Charters Towers for sustainable flying fox management plan

The allocation of Round 6 of the Flying Fox Roost Management Program has been announced, with Charters Towers Regional Council receiving funding to continue with the current Flying Fox Management Plan.

“Following on from Council’s efforts to disperse the flying fox earlier this year, the number of black flying foxes has swelled slightly, with little reds also being observed towards the centre of the roost”, said Mayor Beveridge.

“The majority of flying foxes are mostly contained to an area, directly adjacent to Holliman Street, across the road from a drainage reserve.

“The current roost area is also hindering Council activity, disabling crews from unblocking the underground stormwater line, or maintaining the footpath and road edge within this area and is close to a residential area and school.

“This is leading to an unsightly, overgrown and waterlogged Holliman Street.

Council is aware of the effort the flying foxes are making to re-establish their roost in Lissner Park, however, so far staff have been able to continue redirecting them.

It has also been noted that the current roost location is not the Council’s choice, which adds to the importance of implementing a sustainable management plan.

The development of a sustainable Flying-Fox Management Plan will ideally form a framework for how flying foxes within the region will be managed, rather than relying on short-term reactive responses that serve no long-term goal.

“The development of such a plan will hopefully allow us to seek out favourable roosting sites, allowing the community to co-exist with the flying foxes”, said Mayor Beveridge.

“Ideally, going forward, with the implementation of such a plan, we can regain our great town, keeping our parks, homes, and community facilities free of flying fox.

“I am thankful to the Department of Environment and Science for allowing us to further pursue this hope for our great community.”