Forest industries launch election plan to grow vitally needed timber supplies

Forest industries launch election plan to grow vitally needed timber supplies

Australia’s renewable forest industries have announced an election policy platform to drive the sector into the future. Our country urgently requires more timber and wood fibre products. It is essential all sides of federal politics outline their plans to support our industries help meet this demand ahead of the upcoming federal election, Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA), Ross Hampton said.

“We are seeking a commitment from all sides of federal politics to support our four-pronged policy platform to deliver more timber to our tradies, secure the industry and drive innovation, growth and jobs. The four themes under which more detailed policy requests are included, are:

  • Rapidly delivering on the bipartisan agreement of an additional one billion new production trees to meet Australia’s future timber needsEnsure hardwood supplies for floors and other high value uses continue through no more forest lock ups
  • Turbocharge the job creating, value adding new fibre-based industries by establishing the National Institute for Forest Products Innovation (NIFPI) in Launceston
  • Enhance our world leading pulp, paper and packaging sector to allow it to play a larger role in moving Australia to a recyclable bioeconomy replacing plastics

The empty timber shelves reveal that Australia has been too reliant on imported timber to cover a national failure to keep up with local growing timber demand. The world demand for timber and fibre will quadruple by 2050. Relying so much on overseas imports is no longer a viable option. This election we must see real action to ensure that we deliver more timber to tradies and plant the trees to deliver to our children for their homes tomorrow.

“AFPA is also launching a major campaign ahead of the federal election reminding Australians to ‘Vote to support forest industries’ when considering how to cast their ballot.”

Source: AFPA