Final three state winners in the National Fish and Chips Awards announced

Final three state winners in the National Fish and Chips Awards announced

With the National Fish and Chips Awards announcement around the corner, it is an exciting time of year for fish and chip shops!

The National Fish and Chips Awards are excited to reveal the winners of the Queensland People’s Choice awards and the Victorian People’s Choice and Judged awards.

Queensland and Victoria boast their own distinctive fish all with cooking styles to match that add to the variety of the competition.

Crimson Snapper, Spanish Mackerel, Red Emperor and of course the mighty Barramundi are just some of the fish found on Queensland’s sandy doorstep.

King George Whiting, Snapper, Flathead, and Gummy Shark that is synonymous with flake are the species that make Victoria’s fish and chips famous.

Both states saw some of the highest participation rates from fish and chip shops across the country, this year.

In Queensland Costa’s Seafood Café made a big splash for voters, taking home the People’s Choice award conveyed along by huge support from voters.

Based in Redland City, the fish and chip shop offers local catch including Snapper, Barramundi and Coral Trout.

Shops to make the cut into the judged round spanned the state with contestants from Melbourne, Queenscliff, St Leonards, Lakes Entrance and Rye.

But it was Golden Flake in St Leonards that sealed the deal for the judges.

The store’s name is a play on one of Victoria’s best-selling fish and chip staple fish species, the Gummy Shark.

Queenscliff locals and tourists gave the golden thumbs up to Trident Fish Bar, the People’s Choice award winners in Victoria.

Trident Fish Bar is one of the longest running family-owned fish and chip shops in the region with three successive generations at the realm.

In 2017 Trident Fish Bar brought home the Victorian Judge Choice award.

This year’s awards brought in new records from fish and chip shops and enthusiasts alike, drawing in record participation from over 1,000 shops or around 40 per cent of Australia’s fish and chip operators.

The competition proved popular among fish and chip customers, breaking voter records with almost 40,000 verified votes.

The National Awards will be held 10 October 2019.

Source: FRDC