Feedback sought on WA’s waste management legislation

The WA Government is seeking community feedback on the Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Act 2007 (WARR Act).

The WARR Act is subject to a statutory review every five years. The 2020 review will consider the efficacy of the legislation in reducing waste and encouraging resource recovery, and its alignment to the Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Strategy 2030.

Public consultation for the review of the WARR Act will give stakeholders an opportunity to have a say on waste management and proposed changes to the WARR Act.

The review covers a number of key matters, including the findings and recommendations of the 2016 Auditor General and 2018 Public Accounts Committee reports, which raised areas where waste reduction and resource recovery outcomes could be improved by potential changes to the WARR Act and its operation.

The review will also consider the legislative framework to achieve a well-functioning waste collection and processing capacity, especially important in light of the COAG waste export ban.

The COVID-19 pandemic has emphasised the importance of a well-functioning waste collection and processing capacity, and this review will look at what may be necessary to help achieve this.

The consultation process is seeking stakeholder input about issues, concerns and opportunities, and information on any potential impacts on businesses, the community and government.

To review the discussion paper and for information about submissions, visit

Source: WA Government