Cutting Red Tape for Pastoralists – process slashed from 6 months to 6 weeks

The Territory Government is cutting red tape and making the Territory an easy place to do business.

Supporting jobs and getting projects off the ground is a priority to this Government.

The Minister for Agribusiness and Aquaculture announced a new Simplified Pastoral Land Clearing process to make regulatory approval more efficient and to support accelerated investment.

The new process is in response to the Territory Economic Reconstruction Commission’s final report, which recommended regulatory and administrative reform.

The new six-week simplified process starts and provides an alternative to the established six-month standard process.

Under this new red tape slashing process, lessees can now apply to clear up to 1000ha of native vegetation per application for non-irrigated purposes.

The simplified process ensures decision-making is proportionate to risk. That is, low risk and unconstrained land will be made more readily available for development through a shortened process.

Applications must meet specific environmental criteria outlined in the Pastoral Land Clearing Guidelines, thereby reducing environmental complexity and enabling an expedited assessment and approvals process.

To support the process, a new application forms, Policy and updated Guidelines have been developed and are available at

Source: NT Government