Customers say new satellite internet bridges rural/urban digital divide

70 per cent of recently surveyed SkyMesh customers declared the new nbn™ Sky Muster™ Plus satellite internet service was helping to bridge the rural/urban digital divide.

83 per cent of customers who upgraded to Sky Muster™ Plus said the service was significantly better than their original Sky Muster™ service.

Substantially, 90 per cent of Sky Muster™ Plus customers also said they would recommend the new service to a mate.

SkyMesh APAC Managing Director, Stephen O’Shanassy said the survey results pointed to unmetered data as the biggest reason people are signing up for the new Sky Muster™ Plus.

“You can imagine how important all this unmetered data is to rural families, especially during the COVID-19 lockdown,” said Mr O’Shanassy.

“People are loving that they can keep connected through social, voice and video apps, that their kids can access online education platforms, and that tools for working from home are all unmetered on Sky Muster™ Plus.

“This leaves them with all the metered data in their chosen plan as a dedicated allowance for things like Netflix, YouTube and other video streaming platforms, which they’re also loving.

“People are telling us that they feel more in control of their data than ever before. The stress of constantly watching their usage to make sure they can do the banking and other essential online activities has gone,” said Mr O’Shanassy.

Generalised data about SkyMesh customers’ Sky Muster™ Plus usage backs up the survey findings. It shows that aside from the necessary work, education and communication platforms, users are getting the most out of their unmetered data from gaming platforms, social media, iTunes and cloud storage.

All Sky Muster™ Plus customers at SkyMesh were sent the survey exploring their experience with the reimagined service that provides unmetered data as a default on all plans. The exception being for video streaming and VPN traffic which is metered usage.

Survey participants included those existing SkyMesh customers who had upgraded to Sky Muster™ Plus from the standard nbn™ Sky Muster™ satellite service as well as brand new customers to SkyMesh.

Source: SkyMesh Pty Ltd