COVID Stage 4 building restrictions a Burden on Victorian Families

“Restrictions on building sites in Victoria that limit trades people to just three sites a week could leave thousands of average Victorians and their families out in the cold during the remaining weeks of winter, and longer, Executive Director HIA Fiona Nield said.

The residential building industry has worked tirelessly to meet government COVID requirements, to prevent its spread and protect the health and safety of workers, clients and Victorians,” said Ms Nield.

“The industry is committed to achieving these goals and to do the best for home buyers.

“But with over 60,000 homes under construction across Victoria, including up to 6,000 new homes with their imminent completion now on hold, the stage 4 restrictions risk placing an additional financial and emotional burden on tens of thousands of Victorian families.

“These are challenging times for all Victorians, more so for these families now seriously affected by the criteria applied to trade workers.

“The financial stress of extending rental leases, ongoing additional rental costs, mortgage payments for homes unable to reach completion and concerns about work rescheduling once the restrictions pass will test their patience, tolerance and finances.

“With some fine tuning to the stage 4 parameters, the industry will be better positioned to significantly reduce the impact on Victorian families.

Allowing some of our finishing trades, who largely work alone to complete these home building projects underway will help Victorian home buyers to finish their homes and move in.

“HIA recognises the immense stress Victoria is now under and supports the state’s endeavours to fight the spread of COVID–19. We look forward to working with the Victorian Government to navigate through the stage 4 restrictions and to reduce the additional significant hardship confronting tens of thousands of Victorian familes.”

Source: HIA