Council to undertake refurbishment work on water reservoirs

Gladstone Regional Council wishes to advise that refurbishment work has begun at the Ferris Hill water reservoir and that some drainage of water will be visible to residents.

Residents may see water flow past the Fitness Trail towards Glenlyon Road and into stormwater drains until Monday 29 June (2020).

Water may also be visible from the intersection of Breslin Street, Derby Street and Glenlyon Road.

The Ferris Hill water reservoir will have a new roof and access platform installed, with repairs also being conducted to internal concrete surfaces while the reservoir is offline.

Gladstone Region Councillor Glenn Churchill said refurbishment work on the Ferris Hill water reservoir is expected to be completed by November (2020).

“Council does not anticipate any water interruption for residents during this time as the Radar Hill water reservoir will remain in service until undergoing its own refurbishment work,” Councillor Churchill said.

“Refurbishments will take place at the Radar Hill reservoir later in the year with works expected to be completed in early February 2021.

“Works on the Radar Hill water reservoir will include concrete repair work, installation of a new access platform and roof maintenance.”

The combined cost of refurbishment work on both water reservoirs is $2.7 million, made available from the 2019/20 Capital Budget.

Source: Gladstone Regional Council