Council calls on State for new Charters Towers Hospital

Council calls on State for new Charters Towers Hospital

We need a new hospital.

That’s the clear and simple message Council’s Mayor Frank Beveridge is pushing ahead of the Queensland State Election to be held on Saturday, 31 October 2020.

Council is calling for the State Government and Katter Australia Party to stop playing politics with our Community’s health and fund a new, replacement hospital to be built in Charters Towers, alongside Eventide Aged Care Facility with increased speciality services.

“Our ‘hospital’ has been left behind when it comes to funding and has become a ‘health service,’ said Mayor Beveridge.”

“It’s imperative we be given the capacity to offer critical services such as renal dialysis and chemotherapy, as well as obtain a CT scanner. A region of our size and population, along with the westerners who use us as a service hub, shouldn’t have to travel, in some cases daily, to Townsville for these services.

This is not a shot at the dedicated staff who work there; they do a tremendous job. This is about acknowledging the importance of the Hospital and respecting the essential health care needs of our resident.

The reason we want to see a new hospital next door to Eventide, is that the current hospital is grossly outdated – I’m talking plumbing, layout, fire and safety standards – and is just unable to facilitate the expansion of services we want to see. Plus, the two go hand-in-glove and there is the space to achieve it.”

Source: Charters Towers Regional Council

Featured Image: Mayor Frank Beveridge in front of Charters Towers Hospital