Continued improvements to community safety

The Victorian Government’s community safety reforms and record police investment continue to roll out, with the victimisation rate falling, more police on the beat, and tougher laws and enforcement making an impact.

Victorian Minister for Police and Emergency Services Lisa Neville has released the fourth Assurance Report by Victoria’s Community Safety Trustee, Ron Iddles OAM APM, which highlights the significant work done to strengthen Victoria Police, crack down on crime and deliver real community safety outcomes for all Victorians.

Since the first statement was released in 2016, 87 community safety initiatives have been assessed by Mr Iddles. Of these he has confirmed 27 have been completed and 33 remain ongoing and will continue to be monitored.

Mr Iddles’ report also notes that the monitoring of 27 other initiatives are now being addressed through other appropriate long-term governance structures.

The Community Safety Trustee was appointed in April 2017 to oversee the delivery of the Government’s Community Safety Statements, which are delivering 3135 extra police, new technology, better facilities and stronger laws.

Mr Iddles states that Victoria Police is moving towards a more modern and flexible agency with better equipment, technology, training facilities and people, supported by extensive legislation to enable them to operate effectively.

More than 1900 new police, including 415 family violence specialists, have already been deployed or allocated to communities across Victoria, with more to come.

Other initiatives already delivered include the rollout of a new $212 million Police Assistance Line (PAL) and Online Reporting Portal (OLR), expanded powers for Protective Services Officers and Police Custody Officer Supervisors, tougher firearms laws, and stronger bail laws for serious offences.

The Trustee has also reported on the significant uplift in capability enabled through the opening of the 24-hour, $36.4 million Melbourne East Police Station and the rollout of mobile technology and body-worn cameras.

The Government’s reforms and record funding for Victoria Police are having a real impact, with Victoria’s victimisation rate falling to the lowest in more than 14 years on the back of strong community policing.

The Victorian Budget 2019/20 includes $121 million to crackdown on dangerous driving, $4.7 million for drug crime intelligence, and $2.5 million for Counter Terrorism and Protective Security training and security infrastructure.

Source: Vic Government