Community sport equipped with more jobs to return to play

The Victorian Government is getting people back in the game with jobs to support sporting organisations boost participation and promote inclusivity.

Minister for Employment Jaala Pulford and Minister for Community Sport Ros Spence announced 70 people are now in jobs across 30 state sporting organisations helping community sport gear up again this summer through the Victorian Government’s Jobs Victoria employment program.

The sport and recreation sector experienced fewer programs and events during the pandemic which led to reduced revenue and participation, as well as job losses.

Akii Ngo, now employed through the Government initiative at Disability Sport and Recreation (DSR), was stood down from their role as a health promotion practitioner and remained in unsteady employment including at several positions unaccommodating to their disability.

Earlier this year, having never worked in the sport sector before, Mx Ngo took a punt and applied for the position of Project Manager at DSR. They are now leading ‘The Phoenix Project’ aimed at making sure people with disability are not left behind and forgotten about in the return to community sport.

The recruits will develop new approaches and strategies to incentivise more community sport participation for all Victorians with a focus on those with disabilities, older Victorians, and Aboriginal Victorians.

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Source: Vic Government