Community Irrigation Focuses On The Future

The Victorian Government is improving water security for irrigators in the Loddon Campaspe region with new support for farmers to boost on-farm efficiency and productivity, while minimising their impact on the environment.

The Victorian Government has invested $4 million from the Victorian Sustainable Irrigation Program to deliver the Loddon Campaspe Irrigation Region Land and Water Management Plan 2020-2030.

The plan will deliver education opportunities for farmers and local communities and new research and monitoring that will direct investment to tackling the impact inappropriate land and water management can have to livelihoods, biodiversity, and salinity.

Incentives will also be offered to irrigators to encourage the adoption of efficient irrigation technology and soil management and for environmental stewardship projects such as riparian and wetland restoration and replanting native vegetation and regional bio-links.

The plan also presents opportunities to monitor the impacts of irrigation on downstream water users and improve the groundwater monitoring network across northern Victoria.

The plan also creates more opportunities for self-determination and involvement of Traditional Owners and Aboriginal landholders in land and water management.

It will also determine priorities for investing in works and measures in a range of areas helping to ensure public funds are focussed on both local community and Victorian Government priorities.

Source: Vic Government