Changes to residential and subdivision controls

Changes to the Goulburn Mulwaree Development Control Plan 2009 will be placed on public exhibition for 28 days following last night’s council meeting, after councillors requested a review of residential and subdivision development controls.

The amendment has come about due to the increasingly large proportion of lots in new residential subdivisions in Goulburn which are being developed into semi-detached dwellings (attached dual occupancies) and detached dwelling houses (free-standing houses) with secondary dwellings on the same lot, as opposed to historic development trends where residential subdivisions were overwhelmingly developed into single detached dwelling houses.

Mayor Bob Kirk said that councillors were in agreement on the need to urgently address the issue.

“We do understand that there is demand for these types of homes, whether for owner occupiers or renters, but the reality is that many of our new subdivisions are being exposed to overdevelopment as this trend continues.

“The proposed amendment will assist in buying us some time, as a main focus of the coming year is a holistic review of residential development and subdivision controls within our Local Environmental Plan and the Development Control Plan to address these issues, so that higher intensity development can occur with the necessary services.

“We appreciate that developers want to maximise for residential side of development, but it is essential that road widths are maintained, to ensure traffic safety including provision of weekly waste collections. “

The proposed amendment placed on exhibition by Council will also strengthen existing controls relating to privacy, open space and solar access and introduce new controls for sheds, cut and fill and subdivision master planning.

It will also ensure any future subdivision considers the impacts of the development if all lots were developed to the fullest amount possible, as opposed to the current mechanism where it is assumed that every proposed lot will be developed into a single dwelling.

Goulburn Mulwaree Council recently endorsed the Goulburn Mulwaree Urban & Fringe Housing Strategy, which sets out the most suitable areas for residential development through until 2036. Forecasts estimate over 6,000 new residents to move to Goulburn during this time, with the total population of the LGA expected to grow to 37,202.

The amendments to the DCP will be available to view on Council’s website, or at the Goulburn Mulwaree Library or Goulburn Civic Centre (184 Bourke Street) during business hours. Submissions will be welcomed for 28 days.

Source: Goulburn Mulwaree Council