Changes to heavy vehicle registration

Changes to heavy vehicle registration

The Northern Territory Government is adopting two changes to Heavy Vehicle Registration to improve business efficiencies for owners, and more closely align the Northern Territory with other Australian jurisdictions across Australia, effective from today, 1 August 2019.

The changes include:

  • Removing ‘heavy vehicle’ registration labels. Registration labels will no longer be issued or need to be displayed on heavy vehicles more than 4.5 tonnes (Gross Vehicle Mass)
  • Introducing National Heavy Vehicle (NHV) number plates. Operators will have the option to apply for NHV number plates for their heavy vehicles.

The NT Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics General Manager of Transport and Civil Services, Louise McCormick, said the changes are part of streamlining the registration process for operators in the Territory, and they facilitate a more consistent approach to national registration arrangements for heavy vehicles.

“From today, 1 August 2019, heavy vehicle operators will not need to display a registration label, and will also be able to apply for a National Heavy Vehicle number plate if they choose,” said Ms McCormick.

“Operators can track the registration status of their vehicles online or via the NT Rego App, and will continue to receive a courtesy notice, with optional SMS reminders, four to six weeks before expiry.”

“While the Territory has not joined the National Heavy Vehicle Regulation Scheme, owners and operators who choose to apply for National Heavy Vehicle number plates will be able to track their registration status and utilise other fleet management functions within the Regulator’s rego checker app and online portal.”

  • In the absence of registration labels, drivers can check the validity of a vehicle’s registration via:
  • the Territory Government’s NT Rego App,
  • ring the Contact Centre on 1300 654 628,
  • check their registration online at; or
  • in the case of a heavy vehicle with a National Heavy Vehicle number plate, via the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator’s Registration Checker app.

Source: NT Government