Calling all Burnie Minecraft Miners!

Burnie Miners is asking for local Minecraft builders to help create an accurate map of Burnie in Minecraft.

Minecraft is an online game where players can explore natural landscapes and build from their imagination, all in the form of cubes that players can break and place. Minecraft is suitable for those aged between 7 and 107 years old, with exciting challenges and monthly competitions to win.

Burnie City Council Mayor Steve Kons said he was “keen to log on and have a go, I do like building things!”

“The Burnie Minecraft project ‘Burnie Miners’ is a Council initiative and contains 2 worlds, a creative world and a survival world.”

“The creative world allows players unlimited blocks to build with. The survival world, connected by ‘portal’ to the Burnie build, allows players to gather materials, fight monsters, and build their own structures.”

Burnie Miners uses a base map built from mapping applications such as ELVIS, LIST and OpenStreetMaps data by ‘GeoBoxers’, world leaders in Minecraft real-world mapping. The map represents a 4 square km area of Burnie and is hosted on servers at Tas Communications, a Burnie based IT organisation that specialise in managed IT services and hosting solutions for businesses.

The current map and buildings are simple box representations and require the creative expertise of local Minecraft builders to bring them to life. There will be prizes and events to spur on the community, and the efforts of leading builders is what will maintain the server into the future.

There are two versions of the official Minecraft platform and Burnie Miners caters for both. There is a Java Edition Minecraft server for Windows, Mac & Linux players, and for those on phones, tablets or devices like Xbox, there a Minecraft ‘Bedrock’ version as well.

Players are encouraged to keep up to date with what is going on via the NW Tassie Discord — Discord is a free voice, video and text app that works well with gaming. The NW Tassie Discord channel #minecraft allows players to get up to date information on what is happening on the server and chat with other players and the moderation team without being in the game itself.

Source: Burnie City Council