Boosting support to councils to prevent family violence

The Victorian Government is providing additional support to local councils to create a culture of equality and respect and deliver prevention of family and gendered violence initiatives in local communities across Victoria.

Across 2018-2020, the Victorian Government provided $2.75 million to 35 councils to help them develop a whole-of-council, best-practice approach to preventing family and gendered violence in local government settings.

Minister for Prevention of Family Violence Gabrielle Williams  announced a further $3.58 million to extend that support to up to 15 more councils through the Free from Violence Local Government Program 2022-2025.

The funding will be used to promote respectful relationships in community sports, early childhood services and parenting groups. It will also support training and workshops to increase awareness and understanding across councils of the drivers of family and gendered violence and how to stop violence before it starts.

Victorian councils are well placed to influence social change, with reach into the community through the delivery of community services and as large local employers. The program will support the implementation of The Local Government Guide for Preventing Family Violence and All Forms of Violence Against Women (the Guide).

The Guide helps council employees understand what they can do to embed primary prevention of family violence against women in their workplace and in the services council delivers. The Guide will be available to all councils in mid-2022.

The program is a partnership between the Victorian Government, the Municipal Association of Victoria and councils, with councils making a co-contribution to the program.

The program complements The Free from Violence Second Action Plan (2022-2025), which aims to prevent violence within families and against women in the places where they live, work, learn and play.

Applications for the program close on 28 February 2022. For more information about the grants program, visit

Source: Vic Government