Blazeaid urging farmers to seek aid in fence repairs

Blazeaid urging farmers to seek aid in fence repairs

Since BlazeAid’s return to Lismore in October 2023, the volunteer organisation has helped to repair damaged fences and structures on 46 properties that were damaged by the 2022 natural disaster.

With their operations lease at the Greyhound track, due to expire in March, BlazeAid Camp Coordinator Gary Lawrence is urging any farmer still in need of assistance to register with the group before to make the most of the support.

“We have the volunteers ready, we have the equipment on hand, so we just need properties identified that are ready to receive our help,” he said.

“It’ll be a shame if anyone needing assistance misses out because they felt the damage was not significant enough. We help restore stock containment and boundary fencing, plus much more.

“Just recently, our team helped straighten an elderly lady’s gate as it would not close properly, so it’s not always about restoring cattle fencing.”

“We have restored over 22kms of fencing, plus cleared approximately 11km of land to help farmers get back on their feet.”

Mayor Steve Krieg said the volunteers at BlazeAid had done an incredible job helping farmers recover following the 2022 natural disaster, as well as the 2019 bushfires.

“With much of the media focus on the CBD and residences after the disaster, BlazeAid came to the assistance of our farmers. For that, we are immensely grateful,” he said.

“They have done a great job since they set up their base in Lismore and I encourage any landholder who still needs their help to contact Gary Lawrence or drop into their base camp at the Greyhound track.”

BlazeAid was established in 2009 by Kevin and Rhonda Butler after the Black Saturday bushfires. Following the 2019 North Coast bushfires, BlazeAid set up operations near Casino to help local farmers get their paddocks re-fenced.

To register your property or volunteer at BlazeAid, contact Gary Lawrence on 0427 390 851.

SOURCE: Fencing Industry Australia