Baniyala marks 11 years since Blue Mud Bay decision

The Territory Government is supporting local decision making for remote communities, including Baniyala, which is celebrating the 11th anniversary of the Blue Mud Bay decision.

The Djalkiripunynu traditional owners are hosting the “Our Sea Rights. Our Future” celebration to mark the anniversary, the first gathering since June 2019’s agreement between the NT Government, Northern Land Council, NT Seafood Council, Amateur Fisherman’s Association Northern Territory and fishing tour guides to reach a resolution on Blue Mud Bay.

The historic, 2008 High Court decision granted native title rights over the intertidal waters of Blue Mud Bay to the Djalkiripunynu traditional owners.

June 2019’s agreement maps a path forward for a greater role for Traditional Owners in managing coastal fishing resources and participation in fishing enterprises, aiming to create more jobs for Aboriginal people.

Minister for Aboriginal Affairs Selena Uibo returned to Blue Mud Bay to join the celebrations, also marking the one year anniversary of the government signing a commitment to local decision making with Djalkiripunynu elders, to migrate the community to local-led decision making practices.

To mark the year anniversary, Minister Uibo also announced $50,000 to support the governance and capacity building of the Djalkiripunynu Executive, to lead the Blue Mud Bay land and sea development strategy.

Source: NT Government