Australia's First High Altitude Villa open for business in Bright

Australia's First High Altitude Villa open for business in Bright

No longer restricted to elite athletes, medical clinics or dramatic peaks and alpine ridges, the high-altitude experience can now be enjoyed by everyday travellers with the launch of Big Sky Retreat’s Altitude I villa, Australia’s first commercial property with simulated altitude sleep technology.

Centrally located in the scenic town of Bright, Victoria, Big Sky’s Altitude I villa is the latest luxury base camp without the summit.

Using Box Altitude technology in the two-bedroom villa, guests are treated to a simulated high-altitude sleeping environment that fills the room with filtered hypoxic air or a lower concentration of oxygen. Controlled by smart sensors via a smart phone app or iPad, this cutting-edge technology is one of the fastest and easiest ways to give you increased fitness, energy levels and cognitive threshold, all while you sleep. Other health benefits include:

  • Weight-loss during acclimatisation
  • Weight-loss after acclimatisation
  • Decreased risk of heart disease
  • Improved athletic performance and fitness
  • Faster recovery
  • General health and well-being
  • Improved cognitive threshold

Ensuring safety and efficiency, each room’s oxygen concentration level is moderated depending on what stage of sleep each individual is at. Guests will get out of bed every morning feeling like they’re on top of the world – and they practically will be.

Developed with sky-high comfort in mind, Altitude I features a fully equipped kitchen, two perfectly appointed bedrooms with the highest quality beds and linen, wardrobes and a designer bathroom with underfloor heating, a private fitness and activity space complete with Everest boxing, Star Trac spin bike yoga equipment, plush furnishings and luxury Alchemist amenities; the perfect place to charge your batteries.

Source: Big Sky Retreat