Assistance for fire-damaged fences

Assistance for fire-damaged fences

Assistance for fences bordering national parks damaged by bush fires across New South Wales.

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) offers assistance under certain conditions to repair or replace fences bordering national parks in accordance with the NPWS boundary fencing policy. This is of particular relevance to landholders who immediately border national parks and nature reserves affected by the recent fires across New South Wales.

NPWS recognises the value and mutual benefit that appropriate boundary fences can provide. Given the damage caused by the recent fires, NPWS has been working with neighbours and would like to assist in the reinstatement of damaged boundary fences where required.

National Parks and Wildlife Service offer:

NPWS is offering to purchase and supply an agreed quantity of fencing materials to reconstruct boundary fences.

Please note that this offer applies to the replacement or repair of pre-existing boundary fences only. For assistance with any new boundary fence bordering the park, which did not exist prior to the recent fires, a standard fencing agreement is required.

To take up this offer please contact the environment line on 1300 361 967 or email with your details and they will put you in touch with your local NPWS office.

You can also complete the fencing assistance form and return it via email or post to your local NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service office.

Once your information has been received, a NPWS officer will arrange to meet you to discuss the details of the fencing materials and assistance to be provided in the fencing assistance form. The terms that will apply to NPWS’ assistance are also set out in the fencing assistance form – click on the link below.

Fencing Assistance Form

IMAGE: Courtesy Waratah Fencing

This article was first published in The Fence magazine.