All Moira and Campaspe shire residents given access to firewood on Barmah Island

The remaining supply of firewood on Barmah Island has been assessed and access to that firewood will now be extended to all residents of the Moira and Campaspe Shires from Friday 22 March 2019.

Parks Victoria is committed to sustainably managing the firewood supply in River Red Gum parks. Domestic firewood on public land is a limited resource that needs to be carefully managed.

Priority access to firewood was initially targeted to Barmah local residents. This has now been extended and those eligible to collect firewood are:

  1. Residents of the Moira Shire.
  2. Residents of the Campaspe Shire.
  3. Persons who are, or are eligible to be, members of the Yorta Yorta Nation Aboriginal Corporation.

Alternative sources of firewood include public firewood collection areas across Victoria or commercial suppliers.

To avoid the risk of starting a fire, do not use chainsaws on days of Total Fire Ban.

On days with a High Fire Danger rating or above people using a chainsaw must carry a 9-litre knapsack of water or a dry chemical fire extinguisher between the hours of 12pm and 6pm.

Follow the collection rules – serious penalties apply if you break the law.

Source: Parks Victoria