Ai Group backs SA State Budget

“Ai Group supports the infrastructure-focused South Australian State Budget delivered by Treasurer Rob Lucas,” Ai Group SA Head, Steve Myatt, said.

“In particular, the completion of the north/south corridor is an initiative we have recommended for some years although we recognise it will be a long-term bundled project.

“We are pleased the Government has kept in place important measures introduced over the past twelve months including payroll tax reductions and South Australia’s major financial commitment to the Skilling Australia initiative.

“Unlike in some other states’ recent budgets, the SA budget has limited increases in taxes and charges on business despite pressures on state revenue. In particular, we were pleased that the Government did not increase payroll tax and in fact has put in place a land tax rate reduction program.

“We would have liked significant incentives for employers to take on additional apprentices in pursuit of the Government’s policy of 20,815 new apprenticeships over the next four years.

“We are disappointed that the Solid Waste Levy has been increased substantially and believe that South Australia will now have one of the highest levy rates in the country.

“While the Government has provided relief for the household sector from high energy costs, it is disappointing the Budget didn’t introduce measures to provide relief for industry.

“We do however congratulate the Government for its focus on reducing public sector costs and a long-term approach of reducing staffing levels where possible,” Mr Myatt said.

Source: Ai Group