5 questions to ask your chiropractor

5 questions to ask your chiropractor

When it comes to chiropractic treatments, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions floating around. Despite what you may have heard, it’s not about cracking bones or painful spinal manipulation, but rather unlocking the natural healing capabilities of the body’s nervous system.

Dr Edwina Wadell from Evolve Chiropractic GC in the Gold Coast has more than 16 years experience as a chiropractor, helping patients improve their overall health and wellbeing so that they can become the best versions of themselves and lead healthier and happier lives. As a trusted and experienced professional she has shared her top five questions to ask your chiropractor before you begin any kind of treatment.

1. What does Chiropractic mean?

Chiropractic is an approach or philosophy to health that focuses on ensuring the body’s natural healing capacity is functioning unhindered. Rather than treating an injured part of your body, chiropractic focuses on making sure that the nervous system that controls healing, is working without any physical pressure on it. The chiropractic ‘adjustment’ is our way of delivering that philosophy in its physical form, relieving any physical pressure on your body at the point where it is affecting you the most.

2. What sort of things can a chiropractor help with?

Due to its enabling effect, chiropractic facilitates healing to any part of the body being affected by a nerve that prohibits proper functioning, or a postural structure that isn’t feeling balanced. Depending on your individual circumstances, chiropractic treatments may be able to help your body resolve issues such as neck pain, headaches, lower back aches, hip and knee problems and shoulder pain, as well as manage things such as postural pain, improve recovery from training or injury and even help your body relieve stress!

3. Is it safe to visit a chiropractor when pregnant?

Chiropractic treatment can be gentle and safe during pregnancy. We adapt the approach and techniques to make it appropriate for any level of physical condition and comfort. For patients who are pregnant, the Webster Technique is often used to check and adjust the pelvis. This technique is designed to help the ligaments and joints of the pelvis be in their natural range of motion from the beginning of pregnancy all the way through to the end of your last trimester.

4. How long will it take to get better and will I feel better after the first session?

This is the most commonly asked question! How everyone reacts to their first session depends less on the symptoms you have or even how long you have had them, and more on the state of your inner health. It will depend on if you have any wear and tear in your joints or cartilage, inflammation, blood pressure, hydration, and even your stress levels. You may feel an improvement simply because your joints and body are moving more correctly, or you may require some healing time before you start to feel better. It all depends on your body!

5. Will I need to come back?

Again, it all depends on what you need! If you simply want to move a little better, this can be achieved quite quickly, but to achieve full movement function or to heal may take longer. Some clients choose ongoing care for improved recovery and performance. This can be as often as you wish, it all depends on your individual needs and goals.

Evolve Chiropractic GC is located in Currumbin and offers a variety of chiropractic techniques and tailored treatment plans to meet every patient’s needs.