2019-20 WA Budget

The Housing Industry Association has welcomed the support of the housing industry in the 2019-20 WA budget.

“We are pleased that government has responded to the needs of industry and the home buying public by broadening access to Keystart loans,” said Cath Hart, Executive Director of the HIA.

“Government has stepped in to curb the impact of restrictions on lending following the Banking Royal Commission.

“Government have also acknowledged how hard it can be to employ an apprentice in this market.

“Employers in the construction industry using a Group Training Organisation to employ an apprentice will receive a grant of $2,125 per year of employment, a welcome incentive that will see more people in training.

“Many small businesses in the construction industry will now have access to reduced cost,flexible employment options for apprentices.

“Apprentices are the future of the home building and construction industries and GTOs provide specialised services that can support apprentices through to completion and on to a successful career in the building industry.

“It is also pleasing to see the commitment to delivering infrastructure that will improve the connectedness and liveability for Perth. MetroNet projects will create jobs and open up opportunities for diverse housing options.

“We are also pleased to have the backing of the Government with the ongoing inclusion of the First Home Owners Grant (FHOG) and associated Stamp Duty concessions in the forward estimates.”

Source: HIA