$1.5 billion for water saving projects in the Murray-Darling Basin

The $1.5 billion Water Efficiency Program kicked off on July 26 2019, with additional socio-economic criteria for water saving projects and water infrastructure upgrades.

Minister for Water Resources David Littleproud said projects would only be considered if they delivered positive or neutral socio-economic outcomes, as per the historic agreement between Basin Ministers in December 2018.

“We now move forward to recover environmental water whilst delivering positive or neutral social and economic outcomes, at local and regional level,” Minister Littleproud said.

“The Coalition proudly recovers water through projects which do not damage rural communities.

“Basin states play an important role in assessing the socio-economic outcomes of proposed projects, which will be made available for public comment. This will help inform the Commonwealth before projects are chosen.

“Water rights holders can register proposals for urban, industrial, metering, on-farm and off-farm water efficiency projects.

“I look forward to proposals coming forward so we can get on with delivering the Plan.”

The Water Efficiency Program is working with the independent panel assessing social and economic conditions in the Basin to decide on how best to monitor the outcomes.

Source: Australian Government